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Rabbi Praver has many skills and attributes:  He is an experienced community rabbi who transmits spiritual wisdom and care helping  people improve the quality of their lives, is an inspirational public speaker and compassionate listener.  He comes with a vision and plan to make conservative Judaism flourish in the 21st century. He communicates clearly and concisely, is dedicated to building strong Jewish identity, is a longtime advocate for the state of Israel and a fluent Hebrew speaker; highly musical and trained in the cantorial arts, dedicated to making Judaism relevant, coherent, and fascinating to people of all ages and walks of life.  He has strong synagogue/life cycle skills and

brings with him a wide spectrum of experiences that will help us. Rabbi Praver’s humanitarian work earned him the prestigious Samaritan peace Medal.  He is also a gifted cantorial artist and published author.

Honorary Trustees
(Past Presidents)

Albert Bousso

Renee Bousso
Phyllis Levine
Andrew Platizky
Ruth Preminger
Dr. Perry Savoy
M. Stanley Susskind
Dr. Edward R. Thompson
Martin Tuman


Rabbi Shaul Praver

Irene Kravitz, Varda Wendroff





Vice Presidents
Recording Secretary
Alan Smulen


Honorary President
Dr. Ellen F. Goldberg



Jack Edelman
Charlene Platizky
Joseph Shediack III

Honorary Lifetime Trustees
Hon. Samuel D. Kaye
Jerome Rose
Carol Shapiro
Joel Shapiro

Myrtle Levy

Jewish Learning Project

Lou Krupkin-Krav Maga
Crafty Fox- Art
Harriet Grodberg- Cooking
Bambino Chef- Cooking 
Professor Uttam Grandhi- Origami
Rachel Bamlage- Robotics
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